BLONDE no 8 parka ⎜ACNE jeans ⎜NIKE sneaker ⎜GIVENCHY bag ⎜POLIENNE sister in law ⎜MR. NIXON THE PRINCE-LELEU dog
BLONDE no 8 parka ⎜ACNE jeans ⎜NIKE sneaker ⎜GIVENCHY bag ⎜POLIENNE sister in law ⎜MR. NIXON THE PRINCE-LELEU dog


Hello there! Let me first tell you that I’m officially the happiest girl in the world! One word, one name, one dream… Givenchy! Do I need to tell you more? I have already told you before that I have a lovely boyfriend, but I think now I can officially call him the sweetest of sweetness! I must say I gave him a few hints and I made a birthday wishlist but I had never ever thought I would actually get this baby blue as a birthday gift! I immediately started looking for outfits to combine with this lady.  For my first outfit, I thought the bag would look pretty nice with this sporty chic outfit. This Acne pair of jeans has the perfect fit and perfect colour. A cashmere -soft pink- pullover and these Nikes are adding a sporty touch to this outfit. The fur colour patched jacket is a very precious item I got for my wardrobe a few months ago when it was not cold enough to wear it yet. Hello November, 13 degrees and seaside weather! I was really lucky to spend a weekend at Pure C from Sergio Herman in Cadzand (seatown in Holland) with my family in law. Let’s say, if you have the chance to visit this place, please do! The food, the hotel stay AND the brunch are amazing! Oh yes, and did I told you that the little mustache cutie is my lovely dog I got 4 months ago? His name is Nixon, Mr. Nixon The Prince-Leleu. A brand new family member born the fourth of July. So you will see this cutie more often around on this blog 😉 Have a great weekend! XOXO Pictures made by Polienne



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