MIAMI VICEMIAMI VICEMIAMI VICEMIAMI VICEMIAMI VICEMIAMI VICEMIAMI VICEI know, I know, it’s been a very long time since my last post… But I have a good excuse. Lately I’m working like crazy and I’m commuting between home, Londen and Paris. You remember I was talking about a sunny place where I was going to? Well, I was one of the lucky ones who got the chance to shoot a catalogue in Miami Beach.
You want to know how it was? Let’s say the weather could have been better, but I had an amazing Miami experience. We stayed in the Albion Hotel (James Avenue). The hotel is very good located as it is near the shopping streets, the beach and the famous Ocean Drive. With the crew we did a small roadtrip in Florida, were we saw amazing nature, extraordinary places, beautiful houses and last but not least dolphins (!). Our first day of work began at a tiny fisher house that had an amazing river view and a road that was going straight to the sky. 😉 We finished our day sipping cocktails in a fancy bar, called the Broken Shaker. The next shooting day we finished in Oolite, a really nice restaurant that was a perfect ending for our last evening. Unfortunately the next morning it was time to pack, but luckily we still had some time to get a tan at the beach and looking our eyes out for the muscled men. 😀

Working hard, striking poses and having fun with the crew are the best parts of my job. I could not be more grateful!

As fast we were in Miami, as fast we were heading back home to rainy and cold Belgium.

But … I’m not complaining because at this moment I’m already packing again and I’m taking a bikini with me…

Curious about my next stop?

Keep on following Leleulioni,

and I’ll be back soon with new experiences!



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