BUONASERABUONASERABUONASERABUONASERABUONASERABUONASERABUONASERAHappy happy 2015! First of all I wish you all a new, healthy, happy and hullaballoo year! The Christmas and new year time are such adorable times to get close to your family and friends. Yet again I had an amazing time this year! A time full of love, happiness and fun! Even santa has been very generous to me 😉 ! Besides eating my belly round, wearing ugly xmas sweaters and singing xmas songs, I went to two sunny resorts. To end the year, shooting in Sicily, that is one of the last wonderfull stops in Europe was perfect. I had the luck to work together with one of the most extraordinary teams in 2014! The team came from London and they are -off course- all speaking with hot potatoes 😀 , which I can’t stop imitating. Secretly hoping to wear a bikini was a bit too much of a dream but a maximum temperature of 20 degrees -in the sun- was perfect to warm up! For me the perfect place to stay in Siracusa is Hotel Gutkowski. A very cosy hotel that has a bit of Scandinavian atmosphere. They serve a nice Italian breakfast –café macchiato inclusive- and beautiful sea view. We shot the catalogue while walking around, smelling pasta, seeing romantic views and enjoying the fancy Italian chaos. Again, lucky me, I had an amazing lunch at the countryside from la mama! Everything starting from the primi to the dolci was extremely good tasting and fresh from the sea! La bella vita et la dolce far niente are just so adorable I recommend you all to rent a car, to cruise around and enjoy the Italian vita under the sun! Unpacking and packing again, hoping to wear my bikini on my next sunny stop. What did you wear during the xmas days? Fluffy moonboots or some pair of sandals?

Ciao e arrivederci XOXO Leleulioni


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