DSC_0087 (1)DSC_0120 (1)DSC_0194 (1)DSC_0040 (1)DSC_0149 (1)DSC_0190 (1)Hello folks! Maybe you have been refreshing and refreshing over and over my blog? (or maybe not :p) And you saw no new post coming up? Um, well, I know, it’s been a while… I’m not saying that I’m having the best reasons, but again I’m always so busy. You remember that great news I told you before, well, that project was practically taking over every minute of my spare time… Now I can tell you after more than a month that the amazing news I have to tell you is a new home, a very home sweet home! My boyfriend, my sweet little dog and I found ourselves an amazing fermette house (read: country house). We are now still busy with choosing furniture, matching colours and making everything as cosy as possible. More of that cosiness, style and design will be very soon on the blog. Now, I’d like to show you an outfit I’m pretty happy about. Ow YES, SEVENTIES!!! I’v been waiting a few seasons already to wear my ‘elephant’ flared jeans! And now it’s that time, after 8 years, I looked into my wardrobe, searched and found my old pair of jeans (which I can luckily still wear :D). For now, with this look, I didn’t wear my old jeans, but a new seventies-looking jeans from SevenForAllMankind. The shape and colour is amazing. Walking around and feeling comfortable is a prime reason to look pretty so I combined my jeans with comfy boots, a light blue Bash blouse and a very (very very) superfluous Gerard Darel daim leather trench coat! For some time, I was looking for a nice beige trenchcoat but very hard to find and saving money for a dream Burburry classic one was not an option. So this one was a perfect combination of daim leather, beige, classy and affordable. Have you seen that the bag and the sunglasses I was wearing, were items that were on my HOHOHO wish list? ;). I must say that strolling around, sipping homemade lemonade at JAM. in sunny Antwerp with my pwitty friend Paulien and my baby Nixon gave me a very Jane Birkin feeling. Did you guys, already thought about your style for springtime?


Have a nice sunyay evening!


Photos shot and retouched by Polienne


Look I’m wearing is from Villa Maria (Brugge-Belgium)





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