Schermafbeelding 2015-08-05 om 20.32.14Hello sunshine! Wondering where I hang out the last few weeks?Well, easypizzylemonskwizzy, I simply enjoyed dolce far niente. And actually I was busy, busy preparing holiday(s) and a garden party.

As you might know or remember, my prince and I moved into a fermette last winter and since winter is not the best period to throw parties, we waited till the time was ready and the flowers bloomed. The sun is out and so are we! 😀 After spoiling the garden with IKEA stuff we managed to throw ‘THE GARDEN PARTY’ in the beginning of july. It was a  12hour during party with a lot of food, booze, happiness and tunes. Thanks to the perfect dj-master (Flapjackers), bbq-master and Cointreau-master! Are you planning a green party or going somewhere? Well, next stop I’ll take you to Bangkok!


Pictures by Raf Michiels

Dressed by DKNY

Thanks to Flapjackers, BBQ’tje, CointreauFizzCocktail, Polienne and Raf Michiels

The Garden Party137

The Garden Party004The Garden Party059
The Garden Party341The Garden Party104
The Garden Party025The Garden Party247The Garden Party080 The Garden Party294The Garden Party031The Garden Party293



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